Monday, November 18, 2013

To qualify World Cup U-20, U-19 must overcome their mental block

Pesepakbola Indonesia Evan Dimas melakukan selebrasi usai mencetak gol ke gawang Korea Selatan dalam laga kualifikasi group G AFC U-19 di Gelora Bung Karno, Senayan, Jakarta, Sabtu (12/10).
Photo : Yasin Habibi/Republika

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- Indonesia's U-19 National Team squad is expected to meet the target to qualify for the U-20 World Cup title in U-19 Asia Cup in Myanmar.
But to qualify the game, Evan Dimas and his friends should be able to overcome the mental problems, especially those paralyzes that caused mental block for Indonesian players.
Mental coach of U-19 Guntur Cahyo Utomo said, one of the mental obstacles that often approached players are anxious, nervous, and worrisome feeling that they cannot play their best. This could be corrected in the training concentration of U-19 in Malang.
The mental training process, said Guntur, cannot be done in just three months or four months. In addition to training in Malang, quantity of international test match could also be done to remove the mental problem.
Technically, the mental training process will be carried out gradually. Short terms programs will continue to be evaluated every two months to three months. Continuation of the program will be decided based on the development of mental condition of the player. The form, he said, can be a special assistance to each individual player.
"Because of that, the process of training camp lasted for one year. In order to complete preparations and the players will be only focused to think about football, they should not distracted by other things," He toldRepublika on Friday (15/11).
But more importantly, the understanding to see own self potential must also be implanted. "When we are stuck with an opponent's abilities and how to solve it, it made us neglectful to pay attention to our potential and ability," Guntur added.
He said, although U-19 national team will play away in the AFC U-19, but it will not be a problem, especially on mental problem.
"There is no mental burden, but the process of adaptation will take place. Yet, the game will be played by 11 players against 11 and in the same field," he said.
Asked about the target of U-19, Guntur admitted, if the squad could qualify for the FIFA U-20, it would be a pretty proud accomplishment for the national team. However, this kind of achievement has never been achieved by Indonesian national team in any age level.
Ed: Heri Ruslan
Reporter : Reja Irfa Widodo
Redaktur : Julkifli Marbun